Monday, January 20, 2014

The Gypsies do Mount Dora

If you're not familiar with Renninger's Antique Extravaganza in Mount Dora, Florida, you should be!  You can find whatever antique treasures you seek at bargain prices.  The Extravaganza occurs three times a year and covers 117 acres with 800 vendors from all over the country.
Dealers usually go on Friday to load up on the wonderful deals, while the general public shows up on Saturday and Sunday.  Don't tell anybody, but you can sneak in on Friday too if you pay the slightly higher admission price. 
       We always visit our friend, Irv, who has the best watch parts stock you've ever seen!  See that's Irv next door with a couple of really cute puppies. (Anne needs to take pictures of every dog we bump into when we're about. It's really quite time consuming.) You will find many of Irv's treasures in our Gilded Gypsy jewelry!
This year, we found Sandy and Bob whose booth was brimming over with fabulous Victorian buttons. They even had a bowl of sterling silver thimbles featured in one of Martha Stewart's magazines.  All we could offer was a photo spot in our blog...which really isn't a photo spot of them, but rather one of me looking through their buttons.
     One of the lessons we've learned through the years is that antique vendors give better deals to customers who are charming and friendly.  Needless to say, we've scored many times (notice the halo over my head).  It pays to be pleasant and appreciative. 

Be sure to take cash because most vendors give a better deal that way.  Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking all day.  Many folks bring their "granny carts" with wheels or their Red Flyer wagons to transport their purchases.

  The carnival food smells are quite tempting...yes, we gave into the urge dining on some delicious fajitas.  Be sure to sample the glazed nuts.  (Yeah, we had some of those, too.  Anne wanted to share, but I said no, that I wanted my own bag. I think she said I was selfish.)

If there is something unique you seek, surely you will find it at the Extravaganza.  The trip invariably yields items we've never seen before, almost like visiting a museum! We come home exhausted but elated every time! Check out for dates of future Antique Extravaganzas. Maybe we'll see you there!

                                                                 ~Marie and Anne~

P.S. (I made Anne take my picture with these cute gnomes
even though she rolled her eyes.)


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