Friday, December 27, 2013

I have to be I*N*S*P*I*R*E*D to create.


Creativity isn't always a consistent flow of ideas and ability.  Sometimes it ebbs and flows and the Muse seems to be in a coma! I find that surrounding myself with objects that inspire me to creativity can usually rouse the sleeping Muse and art happens. I am sharing some of my favorite inspiring things with which I have crowded my art room. I have SO crowded my space, I will be transitioning a bedroom into an art studio in the coming year.  And that, my friend, means I can collect more inspiring things! Woohoo!

My art space has what I would call a "cohesive chaos", which means I am visually pleased every time I darken the door....artists are visual beings.  Old books, old suitcases, old gilt frames, old anything.  That's my theme!  It's eclectic like the jewelry, but it's cohesive in its "oldness".

 I am obsessed with old silver-plated pieces.  I keep my art tools in tarnished teapots,creamers, sugar dishes, trophies, bowls and candy dishes.  They are filled up with paintbrushes, scissors, chandelier prisms, tools, glue and old buttons. Over time they have become dear friends. (But NOT as dear as Anne.)

I love little vintage shoes. They were popular as pin cushions in the early 1900s and their companion ceramic sisters arrived in the 1930s.  They're old, what can I say?

The influence of my passionate Christian faith is evident in the religious reminders scattered around my art space. Crucifixes, vintage pictures of Christ, and old chalk-ware statues. I find their presence both comforting and inspiring as I recognize that my creativity is a gift....from an expert.

Dried roses add a faded Victorian flavor to my shelves. They are an inexpensive luxury and easy to dry....just hang them upside down in a warm place! There's my Mom at four on that vintage bottle.  Hi Mom!

Architectural salvage is really inspiring! My husband is a builder and has been

assigned a project, to build me an apothecary chest from old sewing machine drawers. It will be perfect for housing buttons, jewelry findings, rosaries, pearls, rhinestone pieces, and hundreds of other elements for creating!

So, now you've seen the inspiration, next, the start up's the secret.....
 I turn on some great tunes, "Say" by John Mayer,  "Paperweight" from Josh Radin & Shuyler Fisk, sit down at my Victorian desk (which is far too cluttered, to be shared) and start pulling out buttons and findings to create. Just seeing and handling these little pieces of history are enough to bring forth ideas and kindle creativity.

Anne and I believe we are living in another Renaissance, a day of the everyman artist.  Anyone can create if time and space are set aside in which to be inspired. The journey to discovering ability and creative leanings is not short, but certainly can be traveled with much pleasure.  The more I create................the more I create.


       Be Inspired!     ~Marie, The Other Gypsy

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New earbobs from The Gilded Gypsies!

Eclectic Jewelry for the Gypsy in your life.  Each pair is a one of a kind creation, most with vintage elements that are over 100 years old.  Live in style!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trinket Hunt in London

So, I'm the OTHER gypsy, Marie.  I was recently in London visiting my youngest who is studying theatre in the land of Shakespeare.  Absolutely no question that while there, I would need to hunt down some vintage jewels for our Gilded Gypsies journey, so I planned a little excursion to the Spitalfield's Market which is devoted only to antiques on Thursdays.  I'll say, what a fabulous place! Thank goodness, I'm not a millionaire or I'd have had to purchase another suitcase to bring it all home!  Sadly, my modest income only allowed me to purchase a small baggie of trinkets.

I found these wonderful vintage pocket watch keys which are perfect for earrings. I've used a couple in the eclectic pair of earrings below. They have been combined with Victorian brass buttons, brass filigree hearts and some perky little rhinestones.

 The mother of pearl disc in the necklace to the left was another Spitalfield's treasure.  It says "Lourdes", which I feel certain means it made its way over from France. I have mounted it on a brass Art Deco setting, chosen double chains for the piece and added a Victorian button  and a vintage pearl drop.  I think it's simply divine!

Here are my other finds, attendance medals from the early 1900s which were awarded to one, J. Morrison and a pair of military uniform embellishments.  So very British! And my favorite, a miniature trophy that stands less than 1.5" tall. Probably a story there. No need to pant over it, I'll not be parting with it...........death will take me first.
Selling our creations sometimes feels like we're parting with our children!  Especially when the elements have such dear memories attached.  I am learning to not be so very selfish and let go of my babies (quietly sniffling).
Okay, so I am keeping the cuff bracelet I made from a *********** and button I bought at Spitalfield's.  Sorry can't say what it was, trade secret that Anne (the head gypsy) will fuss at me for sharing.  With all that said, please come visit us at The Gilded Gypsies on Etsy where we are indeed letting go of the other pieces mentioned above. ......Sigh, my children (open weeping).

Sunday, October 27, 2013