Friday, January 17, 2014

Whose Shoes?!

“A lifelong friendship can be ignited by a spark felt at that moment of instant recognition.  You recognize your complimentary opposite, yet feel the kindred spirit of a shared sameness.”  ~The Gilded Gypsies

Marie and I have been lucky enough to be best friends for 42 years.  Over the years we have become two volumes of the same book. We have retained very different personalities and styles, yet we share a history.  A lasting friendship is like a marriage of sorts. Each person has to be different in complimentary ways, yet similar enough to wear well.  Extroverts are attracted to introverts because both parties can’t share the stage at once. Examples of classic friendships include Lucy and Ethel or Oscar and Felix.  

Take a look at these pictures.

We feel these epitomize the polar opposite aspects of our personalities. Guess who’s Lucy and guess who’s Ethel. One is flashy and creative whereas the other is steady and reliable. No really, guess! Who’s who among The Gilded Gypsies? 

Marie likes to think she’s the creative genius behind this operation, whereas I am really the glue holding the entire project together, i.e. “Head Gypsy.” In fact she’s shouting in the background right now that she is INDEED the principle player! “Okay, Marie you win, you’re more important.”  Oh but we jest. Truly we are the best of friends and this project wouldn’t exist without both of us. 

Tell us about that friend that brings out the best in you.  ~Anne

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