Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear Marion, always full of life!

Dear Marion is my mother who is always full of life and energy! She is passionate and fights for causes she believes in. 

She is the source of my belief in myself that I can try any art project and be successful. As children she taught us how to do everything from ceramics, batik, candle making, tie dye, enamel on copper, knitting, embroidery, sewing and anything else you can think of. My brother Michael became a talented potter as a result (in addition to his stellar Chemistry Career). I have been out pursuing and trying any and all of the above mentioned endeavors, as a result of her inspiration. Marion made jewelry in college and I still wear some of the gorgeous silver bracelets she made today. Her love of creating jewelry and other beautiful things has inspired me and has now resulted in The Gilded Gypsies. 

She and my wonderful father Gerhard have inspired my love of travel as well (hence the Gypsies part). They took us to wonderful places around the world and even had us live in Germany while we were growing up. They inspired us to explore and try new things which has resulted in some very meaningful and memorable experiences and memories! 

And the story certainly would not be complete without including my wonderful Nannie, Ellen Marie Keane Healy who helped make my Mom and me who we are today! 

         Here are a few photos, as photographs are worth a thousand words! 

                               Happy Mother's Day Mom! xoxo


  1. Anne...what a beautiful tribute to your mom and your nannie! Lovely photo's of both ~ xo

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